Get into Top Colleges Without Stress

If you’re worried about your child getting into college – you aren’t alone. It takes real savvy and knowledge in today’s over the top, competitive admissions process, that’s for sure. But, it also takes a balanced and healthy approach to the process. It is possible to understand this new admission’s terrain without losing your mind.

Best-selling authors Mimi Doe (parenting guru) and Michele Hernandez (college consultant extraordinaire) have come to the rescue with a collection of tips and strategies for anxious parents and their frazzled teens. Follow their advice, take a deep breath, and Don’t Worry, You’ll Get In!

Top 10 Tips for Getting Into College Without Losing Your Mind

1. Create a printed list of all the schools to which you are applying. Give it to your guidance counselor so that he/she is sure to send the official school report to every college on your list. Your application is incomplete without the school’s documents even if your send in your part.

2. Keep in mind that there is a college for everyone. Sure, the Ivy Leagues are extremely tough to get into, but the truth is, once you get past the top 20 most competitive colleges most schools admit the majority of applicants.

3. Studies have shown that applying early decision increases your odds for acceptance dramatically. So, get going. Spend time the summer before your senior year discerning your clear first choice college, than prepare your application.

4. Keep it to yourself. Don’t enter into the frenzy of talk about colleges. This is your personal journey to finding the right college and getting crazy about everyone else’s opinions will only bring you down.

5. Identify the teacher who is your strongest supporter, and then do everything you can to stand out in his or her class. This is who you’ll go to fist for that ever important recommendation.

6. Learn the fine art of saying “no” to activities that take you off course. Focus on a few things that you love and become really good at them rather than frantically trying to do everything.

7. Set up a specific schedule during the year to study for any upcoming standardized test: For instance, Wednesday evenings from 9-10:00.

8. Make time to relax! High school shouldn’t be all SAT prep, hours of community service, and three different tutors in the name of “getting in.” Get a life and you’ll be much happier.

9. Let your academic passions guide your class choices. No college likes a “cookie cutter” applicant who follows the prescribed path and nothing else. The most interesting candidates follow their own interests and it shows.

10. Don’t believe all you read – the best way to find out about a particular school is to visit in person, speak to students, observe a class and meet professors. Otherwise, you’re just responding to slick marketing rather than actual traits of a college.

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