Canada Citizenship Exam – 5 Easy Tips to Pass

It is in your best interest not to fail the Canadian citizenship exam because not only will it prolong the time for you to become a citizen but it is also more difficult to sit in front of a judge and be interviewed. The easiest way to be a Canadian citizen and to pass the test easily with flying colours, take a look below and make a good note of what you should avoiding.

1. Do not think that this test is easy. There are approximately 130 questions and answers you have to know. Learn and know them all.

2. Do not rely on yourself. Seek help from a friend or a relative to quiz you as this will build your confidence and help you to memorize the answers

3. Do not read the booklet “a look at Canada” a few times. Read it lots of times and familiarize yourself with the different categories. Build a good knowledge of Canada.

4. Do not write the Canada citizenship exam unprepared. This would lead to failure and disappointment. Practice a lot in advance until you know the all the answers before you attempt the test.

5. Do not rely only on the booklet “a look at Canada” there are quizzes and practice tests available online to help you. A combination of both has proved to be quite successful. The pass rate is very high using a quiz or a practice test and the reviews are excellent.

If you avoid the five “do not” mentioned above then by all means you are on your way to becoming a Canadian citizen and to enjoy this country as your new home. Canadian citizenship is a joyous moment and one to be remembered as long as you live. Make every effort to pass and do not fail.