Are Your Content Writing Efforts More Painful Than a Visit to the Dentist?

It’s late at night. You’ve got a hot mug of dark roasted coffee by your side and an open Word (or Google docs?), document staring back at you from your computer (or tablet?), screen. You’ve been commissioned with writing some high-quality content for your company blog but are stumped as to where to begin.

We’ll, you’re in luck as that is the purpose of this article! I’ll try and give you some direction and structure to aid you in your content writing endeavours. Now, I’m sure your mind is racing back in time as you attempt to recall the steps your teacher gave you back in high school on how to write an effective composition.

Structure Your Content

The steps for good content writing for your blog are no different from writing on any other topic. Once you have your topic, you will need a strong introduction. From there, you need to provide a few relevant and interesting points in the ‘body’ part of the content and support each with relevant facts or information.

Supportive information can be gathered from statistics, quotes, articles on your topic or even from your own original thoughts and ideas. Once you have composed the body of your blog content, you then need to wrap everything up in a strong conclusion. Be sure to restate the main points you put forth in the body.

Starting Off Strong

So let’s look at the process before your fingers hit the keyboard or tap the screen. It’s important for you to know WHY you are writing the content. You need some direction if you are going to communicate your ideas effectively.

Many companies use blog content writing to help generate new leads and attract customers. By being the one entrusted with that task, you provide an integral link between your company and the customer. You are the one who informs the reader about the latest information relevant to them and why your company is their best choice. In this vein, it is imperative that you do your research and know exactly who you’ll be talking to and what their needs and interests are.

Writing Effectively

Once you know why you are writing, who you are writing to and what you’re writing about, you need to know HOW to write. The best approach is to make sure that what you write is simple, clear and makes sense. Once you have done your content writing, let a friend, colleague or family member read it. If you see a quizzical, confused look appear on their face, then you know you may need to go back to the keyboard and revamp.

Take a closer look based on the feedback you received and make sure that your thoughts flow smoothly from one idea to the next. Also check that you have clear sub-titles where appropriate to facilitate reading and understanding of each section. A good content writer will be able to present a topic to any audience and have that audience completely understand what is being conveyed.

Finishing Strongly

Our minds tend to remember the first and last things that go into them in any one situation. For this reason, you need to have a strong introduction but an equally strong conclusion. The reader needs to go away from your article or blog post remembering what it was about and the things they learned from it.

A good way to achieve this is to restate the things you mentioned in the body of your content. Be sure not to repeat what you have written but rather re-phrase the main points and show the reader how they can benefit from what you have written.

By doing this, you will ensure your content writing is effective and will be well received by your audience. The power of words is truly amazing and well worth the effort and practise necessary in order to become good at it. Keep your audience in mind, follow a structure and always remember that a great piece of content writing is the result of great editing and you’ll go far.

Body Resistance and Free-Weight Training: The Ideal Workout, Part II

In Part I of Body Resistance and Free-weight Training, I discussed the awesomeness of exercise equipment infomercials, our inability to resist purchasing said equipment, and our subsequent inability to put said equipment to continuous and persistent use due to a societal “quick fix” mentality. More importantly, I stated that anyone can get a good workout with results without pounding away in the gym for hours. This can be accomplished simply using one’s body and/or exercise equipment which can be employed anywhere, such as dumbbells or resistance bands.

The purpose of the second part of The Ideal Workout is to provide a better understanding of what body-weight resistance and free-weight training involves, dispense a sample exercise routine or two, and discuss the health benefits of this form of training.

Before taking a closer look at body-weight resistance training and what it entails, lets first discuss what body-weight resistance training is not. It is not the training of your body to resist exercise and fresh vegetables, it is not training to resist the overwhelming body of evidence that exercise is good for you, and it is not training yourself to resist reading the rest of this article. Thus, persist on my friends! Body-weight resistance training is using only your body’s weight to perform a wide assortment of exercises. Some examples of body-weight exercises include push-ups for the chest, dips for your triceps, pull-ups, chin-ups, and body rows for the back and biceps, lunges and squats for the quads and hamstrings, and planks for your core. All you need to perform these exercises is yourself, preferably in an awakened and inspired state, some gravity, and maybe a chair or bench. Pull-ups, chin-ups, and body rows will require something that you can hang from, which can easily be found in any park or playground. In fact, a playground setting is ideal for body-weight resistance training. You can perform any body-weight resistance exercise imaginable while taking your kids out to play. This can be a fun bonding experience with your child while you get a nice workout at the same time.

Burpees, squat jumps, and mountain climbers are a few other body-weight resistance exercises that are more intense and dynamic in movement. I would suggest visiting to view the correct form and application of these exercises.

Free weights such as dumbbells can be employed in your workout in order to add variety and more resistance. Dumbbell exercises include bicep curls, tricep extensions, lateral raises, front raises, and presses for the shoulders, bent-over rows for the back, presses for the chest, plus dumbbells can be used in all squatting and lunging exercises for added resistance. Resistance bands can be employed as an alternative to dumbbells in the majority of the above mentioned exercises. The bands are also easier to transport and carry if you plan on performing your workout outdoors.

Now that we have a nice sample size of exercises to choose from, lets put them together into a full body-weight resistance and free-weight training routine. For this particular routine all you will need is two dumbbells, a few working limbs, a large bottle of motivation, and about 30 to 40 minutes. Your goal is to choose a dumbbell weight that will allow you to perform at least 8 to 12 repetitions for each exercise. Just be mindful that this is not a muscle bulk building routine. It is geared more towards weight loss, toning, and defining the muscles. Thus, without further delay, let the pain commence!! Just kidding.

Begin the routine with a set of mountain climbers, then immediately go into the plank position and perform a plank, preferably close to exhaustion. Next stand up, pick up your dumbbells, and perform in succession a set of standing shoulder presses and a set of bicep curls. Immediately get into a bent knee position leaning forward, as if you were skiing, and perform a set of rows followed by a set of tricep extensions. Next, put the dumbbells down and join them on the ground. Perform a set of push-ups followed immediately by another plank. Finish off the routine by performing a set of lounges while holding the dumbbells by your sides for added resistance followed immediately by a set of squat jumps. Take a break. Perform this routine two more times and your workout is complete.

The above routine will not only work your muscles but also your cardiovascular system due to its fast pace and quick flow from one exercise to the next. It aims to burn calories and raise your metabolism. And the routine can be performed anywhere.

For a more advanced muscle-building body-weight resistance and free-weight training routine, take a quick ride to your local park or playground, accompanied by a resistance band. The routine will consist of one set each of the following exercises: pull-ups, dips, body rows, push-ups, jump squats, planks, and bicep curls, lateral raises, and front raises with the resistance band. Again, shoot for at least 8 to 12 repetitions on each exercise. All of the exercises should be performed with no more than a 20-second break in between. Once you complete one cycle of the routine, take a 2 to 3 minute break and decide if your body can handle a second or a third cycle.

Your main goal when exercising should be efficient, high intensity training. There is really no reason to rest after performing ten bicep curls when your triceps are fresh and ready to go. After working the triceps, move on to your legs. Maintain good form throughout and feel your muscles working. As you move from exercise to exercise, you will realize that you’re starting to break a sweat too. Keep moving until you hit every body part before taking a break.

There are numerous benefits from this fast-paced resistance workout. First and foremost is the workout’s time convenience. If performed properly, a routine should take no longer then 30 to 40 minutes. With minimal rest time, it can even be cut down to 20 to 25 minutes. In that time span, you will hit all of your major muscle groups while working your cardiovascular system at the same time. The convenience is not only time-related but also stretches out to location. As stated before, this workout can be performed anywhere, from your living room, to your kitchen, to the local Laundromat while your clothes are drying, to a long checkout line at the supermarket. Ladies, feel free to carry a pair of dumbbells in your pocketbook, goodness knows it probably weighs 15 to 20lbs already. Guys, don’t be shy about walking around with a resistance band over your shoulders, it could make for a great accessory or fashion statement. And while I don’t really recommend for anyone to drop into a plank at Wal-Mart, I want everyone to realize that the gym is not the only place where legitimate exercise can be performed.

Further benefits include all of the amazing physical and mental health changes that regular exercise affords, mainly more energy, alertness, weight loss, higher self-esteem and better self-image, longevity, and prevention of minor and major illness. Body-weight resistance and free-weight training is geared towards shaping, toning, and weight loss. The more physically demanding routines which involve multiple sets of pull-ups and push-ups will also aid in muscle gain. The more resistance you provide, the more growth will occur. Resistance can also be enhanced by simply slowing down the movement of each repetition.

At the end of the day, the newest, coolest exercise equipment that contorts your body to provide maximum muscle contraction will have no impact unless you use it. Thus, instead of sending four convenient and easy payments of whatever to whoever, realize that it’s your health goals and motivation that will decide your fitness future, not some new spaceship abdominal contraption. Also, realize that you do not need to perform 40 minutes of cardio followed by 40 minutes of weight training five days a week in the gym to get a good workout and be healthy. The two can be combined into one workout through quick and efficient body-weight resistance and free-weight training that can be performed anywhere with minimal and affordable equipment. Yet, like most tasks that everyone performs on a daily basis, this type of training and the results will be based on the effort put forth. When the decision is made to exert a sustained and serious effort, magic happens.

High School Graduation Requirements In This Country – Shocking Differences, Especially With Math

For several months now, I have been writing articles mentioning a rapidly rising trend to requiring four years of math at and above Algebra for graduation from high school. Here in Colorado, in the school districts near me, this has already been adopted or is being seriously discussed. I decided today, to do some research into the requirements for different states. I was very surprised by what I found.

First, I need to point out that public education is considered to be a grass-roots process. Small areas elect school boards and the school boards are theoretically totally in charge of their own schools. I say “theoretically” because, while this is supposed to be how public education functions, we all know just from No Child Left Behind that the Federal Government has much to say about public education. While the government cannot set policy for the individual schools, it can and does use the loss of federal tax dollars as a method of control on some issues. But, for now, graduation requirements is not yet an area the federal government controls.

The individual states each have a Department of Education, yet the states do not set graduation requirements for its schools. What the states do have is a statement of “minimum requirements.” Actual graduation requirements are established by individual school boards and apply only to the schools within that school district. Here in Colorado Springs and near surrounding areas, we have seven different school districts all within a few miles of each other. Each has its own school board and each has its own graduation requirements. I don’t believe that any two districts have exactly the same requirements.

My first shock came when I looked up Colorado’s graduation requirements: 4 years in English Language Arts, 3 years in math, 2 years in social studies, 2 years in science, one semester in physical education, and one semester in fine arts. That’s all. I seriously overestimated what our “minimum” requirements would be. This is pretty pathetic considering we supposedly have a great educational system here. Fortunately, these numbers mean nothing since each student must meet the requirements of the school district–not the state.

After seeing what I consider to be rather weak requirements here, I decided to look at other states. As is true for every state, the listed requirements are state minimums, but the variation was unbelievable-especially with respect to mathematics. Some states suggest only 2 years of math with no specification of what courses those two years must be. Other state indicated 2 years, but must include Algebra 1. Some indicated 3 years and must include Algebra 1. Others indicated 3 years and must include Algebra 1 and Geometry. Many states included higher requirements for future graduating classes, and some states noted the intention to increase requirements–especially for math and science; but what exists at this moment in time as state minimums is truly minimal!

A look at various school districts within Colorado brought much-needed assurance that there is hope for higher educational standards. Every district I checked (this does not mean every district in the state–I didn’t check every one) had higher requirements for math, science, social studies, and P.E., and included requirements for health, humanities, computer education, economics, and practical arts. Some included foreign language requirements.

There has been an argument raging for years now about whether American education is declining. With such minimal expectations as set by each state, it is not surprising that results are disappointing. In all aspects of life, we tend to get what we expect to get. We seriously need to raise our educational expectations in this country!

Just an additional thought based on the fact that Ft. Carson, just outside Colorado Springs, provides a constant source of soldiers to our war efforts. One of the ramifications of this is that Fountain/Ft. Carson School District has very high turnover rates-sometimes over 100%. We need to consider that many students, all over this country, move from state to state in very short periods of time. With such wide variation in graduation requirements, I have to think some students get caught in difficult situations with respect to graduation. Maybe we need to consider some state cooperation to equalize graduation requirements.

You Can Learn German Relatively Fast

Desert the idea of learning languages too difficult to be true for you! You can learn languages well. But today we talk about German which is considered not too difficult to learn generally.

But learning German needs your brain to run fast. I mean you need to talk as much as you can to improve yourself. So topics are very important.

When you choose to learn German, you had better join some team or a class. When you join it, you will have a lot of people to meet. And those people must share the same interest with you. You can then talk with them in German. You cannot always have so many topics of course, but your classmates will provide you with lots of them. Then you can talk with your classmates. But the problem is you need to learn more words phrases and grammar rules before you come to this kind of conversation. This is the training center, so you can learn all the stuff.

However, it is not always very convenient, for you must have a job to do or you are tired of going outside so frequently for German learning. In this way you can choose to follow a software to learn.

You can stay at home and just need to open your PC, inserting the software into it. Everything is done! You can listen to and watch it and you can get proper conversations as well. I just suggest you follow it, for once you follow it, you will realize how beautiful it is. By the way you can correct your pronunciation, for the pronunciation the software provides is standard. Rosetta Stone German maybe is proper choice for you, you can try it.

Another point is that you need to speak and read at the same time if you really want to learn German very well. When you speak, you make your tongue smooth, but when you read, you can get information for you to speak. You should not always try to speak, but forget to read. If so, your situation will be very serious.

Furthermore, you also need to get a plan for your German learning. For example, learn ten words and one grammar rule a day. But doing this needs your perseverance. You need to persist in it as you have told yourself. Don’t betray your plan just because of something unimportant!

Canada Citizenship Exam – 5 Easy Tips to Pass

It is in your best interest not to fail the Canadian citizenship exam because not only will it prolong the time for you to become a citizen but it is also more difficult to sit in front of a judge and be interviewed. The easiest way to be a Canadian citizen and to pass the test easily with flying colours, take a look below and make a good note of what you should avoiding.

1. Do not think that this test is easy. There are approximately 130 questions and answers you have to know. Learn and know them all.

2. Do not rely on yourself. Seek help from a friend or a relative to quiz you as this will build your confidence and help you to memorize the answers

3. Do not read the booklet “a look at Canada” a few times. Read it lots of times and familiarize yourself with the different categories. Build a good knowledge of Canada.

4. Do not write the Canada citizenship exam unprepared. This would lead to failure and disappointment. Practice a lot in advance until you know the all the answers before you attempt the test.

5. Do not rely only on the booklet “a look at Canada” there are quizzes and practice tests available online to help you. A combination of both has proved to be quite successful. The pass rate is very high using a quiz or a practice test and the reviews are excellent.

If you avoid the five “do not” mentioned above then by all means you are on your way to becoming a Canadian citizen and to enjoy this country as your new home. Canadian citizenship is a joyous moment and one to be remembered as long as you live. Make every effort to pass and do not fail.

Adult Education Can Open New Earning Opportunities

Sometimes people do not get a good education when they are young, and adult education classes can help them to achieve their goals, no matter what stage of life they are currently in. There are many reasons for not getting a high school diploma or learning computer skills when one is young, but that does not have to mean that the door is closed to them forever.

Adult education classes can often be attended in the work place. High schools and community learning centers also provide basic education classes. These classes can teach reading, writing, basic math skills, computer skills and many qualify for high school education credits. GED programs are especially popular, helping to remove a huge block from advancement at work.

A high school equivalency can offer new, better paying work opportunities for many adults. Adults can also learn other skills that will make them a valuable employee and qualify them for advancement in the work place. Many of these students go on to college and are able to earn an associates degree, bachelors degree or an even higher degree of learning.

Adult education classes can also be found online. Correspondence courses are available. If you prefer to learn in a classroom setting with an instructor, there are resources online to help you find a class that will be near and convenient for you to attend.

Most of these classes are held at night and on the weekends so that people who are working full time can still participate in them. If you work swing shifts or odd hours, you may be able to find morning classes or the online or correspondence courses might be a good option for you.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to continue your education, remember that it is never too late. In five years, you will be five years older. But, you can be five years older and have accomplished your goals. If you do not pursue your goals, the time will still continue to come and go.

Many adults choose to get their education even if they have no intention of going back to work or climbing the latter at their current job. For many, it is a personal goal worth pursuing. Adults have advantages over students when it comes to education. Adults are doing it voluntarily, so they are much more motivated to learn. They have also acquired knowledge during their years of raising families, working and serving in the military. It is easy to build on this knowledge and meet your educational goals.

Web Design Course Subjects – Which is Best For Your Skill Level?

Picking a web design course that meets your needs can be a bit confusing if you don’t know the differences between them all. Web designing concepts and styles vary based on several different things including coding. If you are thinking about expanding your horizons here are a few different course types that you may want to look into.


Web design XHTML (extensible hypertext markup language) courses are a popular option because they focus on a style of design that mixes HTML’s flexibility with XML’s simplicity. You can find free XHTML courses online that cover things like text manipulation, frames and even tables without having to spend a dime. More in depth courses can also be found online at very affordable rates, or on some college campuses.


Another popular type of course revolves around CSS design, also known as cascading style sheets. These types of classes are usually designed for people who already have knowledge of HTML or XHTML because it gives a more in depth look at how these codes can be used and displayed in different styles. CSS usually addresses things like font styles and other variables that give web pages their own special appearance.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is another type of course that many people enjoy. Even though we grow up hearing that we should never judge a book by its cover, we are still naturally drawn to things that are eye catching and aesthetically pleasing. This is where graphic design comes into the picture. These classes are for people who enjoy creating banners or images for websites and have an eye for color and art. This type of web design is far less code oriented and is based more in creativity than anything else.

Finding a class

You can easily find a web design course that focuses on the basics, XHTML, CSS or graphic design in a number of places. Free information on any of the above can be found easily online, but if you are really looking to make a career out of it, you will probably need to invest in real classes at some point. Credible courses can be found online, at local colleges and even at technical schools around the world. If you do opt for an online class, it is always a good idea to double check their credentials and results through third party websites to see what kind of experiences other people have had.

Once you pick a type of design and find a suitable class that meets your budget and needs, you’ll be all set. With technology advancing and the internet becoming such a major part of everyday life and business, you can rest assured that you are making a great investment in your future by signing up for a web design course.

Get into Top Colleges Without Stress

If you’re worried about your child getting into college – you aren’t alone. It takes real savvy and knowledge in today’s over the top, competitive admissions process, that’s for sure. But, it also takes a balanced and healthy approach to the process. It is possible to understand this new admission’s terrain without losing your mind.

Best-selling authors Mimi Doe (parenting guru) and Michele Hernandez (college consultant extraordinaire) have come to the rescue with a collection of tips and strategies for anxious parents and their frazzled teens. Follow their advice, take a deep breath, and Don’t Worry, You’ll Get In!

Top 10 Tips for Getting Into College Without Losing Your Mind

1. Create a printed list of all the schools to which you are applying. Give it to your guidance counselor so that he/she is sure to send the official school report to every college on your list. Your application is incomplete without the school’s documents even if your send in your part.

2. Keep in mind that there is a college for everyone. Sure, the Ivy Leagues are extremely tough to get into, but the truth is, once you get past the top 20 most competitive colleges most schools admit the majority of applicants.

3. Studies have shown that applying early decision increases your odds for acceptance dramatically. So, get going. Spend time the summer before your senior year discerning your clear first choice college, than prepare your application.

4. Keep it to yourself. Don’t enter into the frenzy of talk about colleges. This is your personal journey to finding the right college and getting crazy about everyone else’s opinions will only bring you down.

5. Identify the teacher who is your strongest supporter, and then do everything you can to stand out in his or her class. This is who you’ll go to fist for that ever important recommendation.

6. Learn the fine art of saying “no” to activities that take you off course. Focus on a few things that you love and become really good at them rather than frantically trying to do everything.

7. Set up a specific schedule during the year to study for any upcoming standardized test: For instance, Wednesday evenings from 9-10:00.

8. Make time to relax! High school shouldn’t be all SAT prep, hours of community service, and three different tutors in the name of “getting in.” Get a life and you’ll be much happier.

9. Let your academic passions guide your class choices. No college likes a “cookie cutter” applicant who follows the prescribed path and nothing else. The most interesting candidates follow their own interests and it shows.

10. Don’t believe all you read – the best way to find out about a particular school is to visit in person, speak to students, observe a class and meet professors. Otherwise, you’re just responding to slick marketing rather than actual traits of a college.

Head over to and use some of our free tips and tools for college admissions. Also, sign up for our 2006 Application Boot Camp while there is still room.

© Mimi Doe & Michele Hernandez 2006

Building a Super Coaching Business – How Easy Are You to Find?

I just discovered something pretty surprising. Coaches are HARD to connect with.

I do a weekly radio program on Exploding Your Business Results. I interview business owners, and business coaches who have found ways to multiply business results exponentially to share there discoveries with my listeners.

Now, here’s the surprising part. I’ve been calling and searching the internet for coaches to interview and here’s what I’ve found.

  • Most, when they do publish a phone number, don’t answer their phone.
  • They don’t return the voice mail I leave telling them I’m going to highlight them on my radio program in front of a lot of their prospective clients.
  • Even after finding coach websites about ½ of them don’t even have a telephone number, or an email address. Some of those do provide a signup for more information. Of course, I was trying to reach them to talk today, not several days from now. And about half of those signup pages crash, they don’t work. Of those that did work, most did not reply.
  • For a few that I did reach and asked about not having a phone number they typically answered, they didn’t want to be harassed from having put their phone number out for everyone to see on the internet. My response to that: “Obviously you don’t want their business!”
  • Out of the top 10 on Google for my city, NO ONE replied back. Well, that isn’t exactly true…since I have the #1 listing for Business Coaching. So, all of the rest didn’t reply.

On one hand that is disconcerting to realize that most of the coaches out there are giving “coaching” a bad name. On the other hand, as the only one responding to my phone, email, and on the top of Google that is comforting. I HAVE NO COMPETITION in my geographic region.

I did take another step. I contacted one of the coach clubs where coaches network, and where they have a website listing all of the coaches in the area. And left an email and voice mail saying that if they would let their members know, and have them call me I’d see that some of them got some visibility and airtime. Guess what? They didn’t call back, at least not for a couple of months when they got around to distributing it.

So, how easy are you to find? To connect with?

How fast do you respond to your calls and emails? I’ve found that interest drops inversely as the number of days squared. So, if it is 2 days, then they are about 1/4th as interested as before; in 3 days about 1/9th as interested. Past that…you missed the boat.

I know many coaches think that isn’t a problem. They believe that the interest will still be there. That isn’t true. Just think of it this way, if they were ready to buy when they called, within two days that has dropped to about a 1 in 4 chance and in 3 days 1 in 9. Everything is about increasing the probability of closing every opportunity. So, that 1 in 4 actually corresponds to the fact that IF you do business this way, you have just lost 75% of your clients for the year!!!!!

A SMALL change could increase the number of clients by 3-5 times easily. And this is ONLY one of the opportunities.

Going Through Various Chef Careers to Reach the Top

For some people, cooking is natural as breathing. They were born to cook, so they are naturally drawn to pursuing a culinary career. Who can blame them? After all, the art of cooking can be magical. You gather fresh ingredients, mix all these together and you end up with a treat for the palate. This is why the food prices in fine dining restaurants are often quite steep. The food that is served in these establishments is practically a work of art. Of course, you don’t have to be an “haute cuisine” chef if you don’t want to. You can always aspire to be something else. Fortunately for you, there are several chef careers that you can choose from.

Pursuing a Culinary Career

Majority of successful chefs started out early in their training and education. They learned to love cooking even at a young age and many of them eventually end up being 4-star chefs. A person with the makings of a great chef certainly exhibits the passion for cooking at an early age. They tend to collect recipes and they try out these recipes. They love to watch cooking shows and learn cooking techniques. If you share the same passion for cooking, you have better chances of succeeding in this field.

There are some things that you would have to consider when choosing your specialization. The highest positions you can achieve as a chef is the Executive Chef / Group Chef position and it takes long years of dedicated study and hard work before you can attain these positions. This is why you need to get a formal education if you can. Varying career chefs are available to you depending on your educational background, training and specialization.

Aside from your education, you also need to gain professional experience. Get employed in a kitchen and learn everything you can about your job. Perhaps, you can also look for apprenticeship or training programs in your area. Your program choice would ultimately depend on your specialization. It is advisable, however, that you don’t limit your learning to your specialization. After all, there are numerous chef careers available to you. You might never know where you will eventually end up.

Going Through Various Chef Careers

You have probably heard of Bobby Flay. You most likely know Rachel Ray. These people are known for their love of cooking. They have also reached the top of the ladder and earning millions of dollars doing the thing they love to do. They have cook books on the market. They are selling their own products and they are featured in their own television shows.

On the other hand, there are millions of chefs who are making just enough money to live on. Unfortunately, they don’t make as much money as Rachel Ray and Bobby Flay do. This should not dissuade you, however, from pursuing a culinary career. You can end up like Ray or Flay. These people pursued various chef careers before they reach the top.

They started out in various work stations and struggled their way to the top. Flay worked at various restaurants before he eventually became a Head Chef. Rachel Ray, who seemingly lives a glamorous life now, actually started out in local grocery stores doing food demos.

If you are interested in a culinary career, you should know that it takes time and a lot of hard work to get to the top. You may have to go through several chef careers first. You need to pay your dues first. You can work as a waiter while finishing your culinary degree or your apprenticeship. This may seem unglamorous but it will certainly help you appreciate the work of waiters. This will keep you humble as you climb your way to the top. You will be a more effective Head Chef if you understand the functions of everyone in your kitchen. Aside from being a waiter, you can also try working as a dishwasher, a bartender or a butcher. This will give you an idea how a professional kitchen works.

Once you are finished with your culinary training or education, you can then apply for better positions. As you progress you will develop your skills and move up through the ranks within the kitchen brigade- Commis, Demi, Chef de Partie, Sous Chef, Executive Sous Chef etc. You will be responsible for preparing the foods before they are served. Every Executive Chef in the world would have worked their way through the ranks as the years passed by.

After gaining enough experience through the kitchen brigade, you can then apply for higher positions within the kitchen. This is basically no limitation as to where you could end up within the chef world. You could end up preparing only the meat meals or appetizers etc in any corner of the globe.

Chef careers vary. Depending on your passion and hard work, you can eventually reach the top of the culinary career ladder. If you wish to pursue a career in this field, you should be willing to do everything you can to be successful.