Building a Super Coaching Business – How Easy Are You to Find?

I just discovered something pretty surprising. Coaches are HARD to connect with.

I do a weekly radio program on Exploding Your Business Results. I interview business owners, and business coaches who have found ways to multiply business results exponentially to share there discoveries with my listeners.

Now, here’s the surprising part. I’ve been calling and searching the internet for coaches to interview and here’s what I’ve found.

  • Most, when they do publish a phone number, don’t answer their phone.
  • They don’t return the voice mail I leave telling them I’m going to highlight them on my radio program in front of a lot of their prospective clients.
  • Even after finding coach websites about ½ of them don’t even have a telephone number, or an email address. Some of those do provide a signup for more information. Of course, I was trying to reach them to talk today, not several days from now. And about half of those signup pages crash, they don’t work. Of those that did work, most did not reply.
  • For a few that I did reach and asked about not having a phone number they typically answered, they didn’t want to be harassed from having put their phone number out for everyone to see on the internet. My response to that: “Obviously you don’t want their business!”
  • Out of the top 10 on Google for my city, NO ONE replied back. Well, that isn’t exactly true…since I have the #1 listing for Business Coaching. So, all of the rest didn’t reply.

On one hand that is disconcerting to realize that most of the coaches out there are giving “coaching” a bad name. On the other hand, as the only one responding to my phone, email, and on the top of Google that is comforting. I HAVE NO COMPETITION in my geographic region.

I did take another step. I contacted one of the coach clubs where coaches network, and where they have a website listing all of the coaches in the area. And left an email and voice mail saying that if they would let their members know, and have them call me I’d see that some of them got some visibility and airtime. Guess what? They didn’t call back, at least not for a couple of months when they got around to distributing it.

So, how easy are you to find? To connect with?

How fast do you respond to your calls and emails? I’ve found that interest drops inversely as the number of days squared. So, if it is 2 days, then they are about 1/4th as interested as before; in 3 days about 1/9th as interested. Past that…you missed the boat.

I know many coaches think that isn’t a problem. They believe that the interest will still be there. That isn’t true. Just think of it this way, if they were ready to buy when they called, within two days that has dropped to about a 1 in 4 chance and in 3 days 1 in 9. Everything is about increasing the probability of closing every opportunity. So, that 1 in 4 actually corresponds to the fact that IF you do business this way, you have just lost 75% of your clients for the year!!!!!

A SMALL change could increase the number of clients by 3-5 times easily. And this is ONLY one of the opportunities.

Coaching Certification – It’s Not Important, But What Is?

In the coaching profession it is not necessary to get a coaching certification. In other words just about anyone can begin coaching without prior certification from any school or institution. Although there are some places that are making moves to regulate the profession, getting a coaching certification is not a requirement to be great at what you do.

What makes a great coach?

Having a coaching certification is not the basis for one to be considered an amazing coach. If you have prior experience in your field of expertise and you have the zeal and passion to support others then you may have what it takes to be a successful professional coach. You know the ins and outs of the business because you’ve been there done it. Anyone can start their own coaching business with virtually zero training or certifications.

However there is one “training” activity all successful coaches partake in consistently. They are always being coached themselves by a coach who is ahead of where they want to be. It makes sense right? If a coach wants to help their clients grow they must be growing themselves. This is where the true learning comes from. Being coached regularly is the best way to improve as a coach and a mentor.

But in case you’re wondering why there are people who want to get certified, they were indoctrinated by coaching organizations and schools. They believe it’s essential and that’s why these institutions exist to certify them.

Many people want to get certified because they want a validation that they are good coaches. But the truth is, it is highly possible to be certified even if you are not that good of a coach. In the same way that there are many great coaches that exist out there without coaching certification.

There is nothing wrong with getting a coaching certification, but then again there is no guarantee that a certified coach can deliver better results than an uncertified one. In fact, anyone with a printer can claim that they are certified coach-and I mean anyone who may not even have experience in business or in other fields. Who knows right?

If a coaching certification doesn’t matter then, what does?

Experience, ability, a great system-these are just few of the elements that matter when it comes to choosing a business coach. Clients want to invest in people who can help them; a person whom they believe in. And coaches must have a solid background in business or in other fields in order for them to gain the respect and trust of their clients.

Experience in their field can speak for itself. Bill Gates, for example, does not need to be certified in order for him to become a successful business coach. Ask yourself, does he need a certification?

What’s also important is whether or not the he or she was able to deliver desirable results for her or his previous clients. Was she or he able to improve a business, achieve goals or improve relationships? This is an effective way to measure whether or not a coach has a system that works for their clients.

The most important reasons why certain coaches succeed in their field is their irreversible passion for what they do. Coaches can make a great difference in people’s lives only when they have a heart for coaching. And having a coaching certification cannot replace passion, experience, real and raw skills.